How To Make A Love Potion To Seduce Women

Who doesn’t want to know how to make a love potion to seduce women? You will never have to be charming or convincing ever again. Just follow these step-by-step instructions to get her to desire you more than anything in the world.

Things you will need to make a love potion to seduce women:

  • one pinch rosemary
  • two teaspoons black tea
  • three pinches thyme
  • three pinches nutmeg
  • three fresh mint leaves
  • six fresh rose petals
  • six lemon leave
  • three cups pure spring water
  • sugar
  • honey

Instructions for making a love potion to seduce women (brew these ingredients on the Friday of a waxing moon):

  1. Place all the ingredients you need to make a love potion to seduce women in an earthenware or copper tea kettle. Boil the spring water and add it to the kettle. Sweeten with sugar and honey if you so desire.
  2. Before you drink the potion, recite this rhyme: “By light of moon waxing/I brew this tea/To make [lover’s name] desire me.”
  3. Now drink some of the potion. Then say: “Goddess of Love/Hear my plea/Let [lover’s name] desire me!/So mote it be/So mote it be.”
  4. Wait until the following Friday. Now brew another pot of the love potion to seduce women and give it to the woman you want to seduce. It won’t be long before she begins to fall in love with you.

That’s all there is to making a love potion to seduce women. It is super easy and you don’t even have to be a captivating fellow to seduce the woman of your dreams. All you need to do is brew up a love potion and somehow get her to drink it.


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