How To Make Love Potions

It's very easy to make love potions. Everyone wants love and some wish to know the secrets behind attaining love through magic. There are simple ways to draw your lover to you and keep them there. Love potions vary but some are more popular than others

  1. Make a gris gris, mojo or juju. The first step in this process is to attain a small bag. It should be small enough to be worn as a necklace. The bag should, preferably, be made of cotton and of any color you wish. A leather cord is great for stringing the gri gri around the neck.
  2. Gather the contents for the bag. Generally, Cardamon, Basil and a small sample of the object's hair is placed inside the bag. Other personal objects of your loved ones affection can be added as well as long as it is small enough.
  3. Wear the gris gris bag whenever you are near the object of your affection. Gradually, you will feel them being drawn closer to you. Also, the confidence you feel, knowing the potion is working will show through in your complexion and body language. This will be an added help, in itself.
  4. Other love potions are also easy to make. Many potions which include pictures, the scent of the object of your affection and a hand written note, can be put together easily. Using blessed oil over the object while speaking your desires, can also bring your love to you. Attaining parts of them which include their inner being, physical and mental, is very effective when wishing for love.

There are so many ways to mix a potion to bring the one you love into your arms. Various charms, bags and chants are used from day to day by many people. Have confidence and strength when evoking help to attain love. Love potions really work

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