How To Make A Low-rider Car

Learn how to make a low-rider car and turn your everyday vehicle into a personalized creation. Have your very own piece of custom vehicle art and watch your friends and family drool over it.

Before you begin creating your custom low-rider, you will need:

  • U-bolts
  • Nuts and lock washers for U-bolts
  • Jack
  • Jack Stands
  • Grinder
  • Four-inch lowering blocks
  • Ratchet and sockets
  1. First, inspect for installation of the lowering block. Begin the process by checking to see if you can install a lowering block by inspecting underneath the car to view if the leaf springs are positioned under the vehicle axle. The lowering block will provide a drop in the vehicle and in addition let you continue to make a low-rider car.
  2. Now you should begin to loosen the lug nuts in the rear of the car. Use your jack to lift the vehicle in the air. You can position your jack stands securely under the framework and in front of the leaf springs. Remove the vehicle wheels at this time as-well.
  3. Now that the vehicle is suspended in the air by jack stands, you should begin examining the axle housing. Use your jack to lift the axle housing and place the axle on jack stands. Placing the axle on the stands will relieve pressure on the leaf springs. This process will help you to make a low-rider car.
  4. Begin to loosen the nuts on the U-bolt with your ratchet. Once again, make sure that all tension is released from the leaf springs before you loosen the nuts on the U-bolt. Utilizing your ratchet, remove the u-bolts that bind the leaf spring to the axle.
  5. With the u-bolts removed, you must use your jack to raise the axle higher. In this process, you want to lift the axle high enough to create a gap between the top of the leaf spring and the bottom of the axle. You will need this gap in continuing to make a low-rider car.
  6. Positioning the lowering blocks to drop the vehicle. With the gap in place, you need to position the lowering block on top of the leaf spring. Remember to inspect the centering holes in the lowering blocks and adjust accordingly for the bolt.
  7. Mount the u-bolt over the axle and to the pad under it. Using your alignment tab on the lowering block, align the top of the lowering block with the hole at the bottom of the axle.
  8. After you have aligned the lowering block, you should tighten the u-bolt. Using the ratchet begin to tighten down the u-bolt with some lock nuts.
  9. Inspect the u-bolt using the wheel rim. Place the wheel on the vehicle. After you fit the wheel, inspect the u-bolt to see if it is hanging below the wheel rim. Once again, remove the wheel and use the grinder to remove any excess of the u-bolt hanging below the rim.
  10. Replace your wheels once again on the vehicle and lower the car back to the ground. After the car is safely on the ground you should tighten the lug nuts securely.
  11. Relax and feel satisfied with your accomplishment. You have now learned how to make a low-rider car and will be the envy of your friends.
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