How To Make Lumbar Zone Flexible

Figuring out how to make your lumbar zone more flexible can be a challenging task. These yoga poses can help you make your lumbar zone more flexible, safely. Just ollow these instructions.

  1. Start with a forward bend. In yoga, the standing forward bend is a key pose for opening up the lumbar zone. To perform this pose, stand with your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles stacked directly atop one another. Inhale deeply while lifting your arms over your head. Bend forward and allow your arms to dangle to the floor. Keep your shoulders pulled upward, away from your neck, and breathe deeply into your stomach to release tension in the lumbar muscles and gently stretch the lumbar zone.
  2. Move on to a gentle twist. A reclining spinal twist can help you stretch not only the muscles of your lumbar spine, but all the muscles of your spine, and, because you'll be lying down, you'll be less likely to injury your spine while twisting it. To perform this twist, lie on the floor with both arms extended from your body in a T shape. Bring your knees up to your chest, then drop them to one side. Turn your head to look at your opposite hand. Keep your hips and both shoulders grounded firmly on the floor and take ten deep breaths.
  3. Relax in child's pose. Child's pose is a classical yoga pose that helps calm the nervous system while stretching the muscles of the back and lumbar spine. Begin on your knees and lower your buttocks to your heels. Then bend forward to rest your forehead on the floor. You can rest your hands, palms up, on either side of your hips, or you can extend your arms forward above your head. Either way, make sure your buttocks rest firmly on your heels. Breathe deeply into your lower belly to gently stretch the lumbar region.

When performing any kind of spinal twist or lumbar zone material, make sure your spine is straight before you enter the twist. Otherwise, you could seriously damage your spine and lumbar zone.

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