How To Make A Luxury Pet Bed

Want to learn how to make a luxury pet bed fit for royalty? It’s easy and cheap when you shop for human comforts instead of dog luxury. A mattress topper and an old blanket can become an excellent pet bed, and faux fur fabric offers a luxurious cover like no other. Just follow these steps to make your luxury pet bed for your furry best-friend.

Here’s what you’ll need to make this luxury pet bed:

  • Twin-size foam mattress topper
  • Crib mattress pad (optional)
  • Old blanket
  • Faux fur fabric
  • Scissors
  • Thread to match the fabric
  • Sewing needle

Follow these steps to make your luxury pet bed:

  1. Make the luxury bed. Fold the twin-sized foam mattress topper in half. Fold the old blanket to a size that will fit within the folded mattress topper and insert it in place. Sew the edges  of the folded mattress topper together by hand to enclose the blanket. If you want to make an even softer luxury pet bed, add a crib mattress pad over the bed you have sewn.
  2. Make the luxury pet bed cover. Faux fur fabric is cheaper than faux fur blankets. Visit your local fabric store and choose the softest faux fur fabric. Buy enough fabric to wrap around the bed you have sewn.  Sew the faux fur luxury pet bed cover by hand with the back of the fabric facing outward. Sew three sides then turn the cover right-side out and insert the luxury bed inside without closing the fourth side yet.
  3. Finish the luxury pet bed. To enclose the pillow permanently, fold the fabric inwardly on the open fourth side, then sew the folds together with small stitches that will disappear in the faux fur. To leave yourself the option of removing the bed from the cover for periodic cleaning, hem the edges of the fabric on the open fourth side, then sew silk ribbons at equal intervals on both sides. Knot the ribbons to close the fourth side of the luxury pet bed.

Make this luxury pet bed large enough to accommodate you as well, and you and your pet can spend your leisure time in comfort together. Keep the pet bed smelling as luxurious as it looks by vacuuming it weekly then spraying with fabric softener diluted in water.

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