How To Make A Macrame Peruvian Cuff Bracelet

Men’s fashion accessories can be expensive, but there is no need to hand over all your hard-earned cash when you can learn how to make a macrame Peruvian cuff bracelet. A Peruvian cuff bracelet, when you use neutral colors, looks masculine and has an interesting curving design. The next time, you have some time to kill in front of the TV, pull out your craft stings and make something cool for yourself.

To make a macrame Peruvian cuff bracelet, you will need:

  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • 1 heavy piece of string or cord, 36-inches-long
  • Small plastic box with a lid that snaps shut
  • 6 pieces of waxed macrame string in the colors of your choice, 6-feet-long each
  • Lighter


  1. Fold the heavy piece of string in half.
  2. Place a half-inch of the looped end of the heavy string into a plastic box and snap the lid in place. The box will help anchor the strings and keep them in place as you work.
  3. Hold the macrame strings in your hand so they are all even, and fold the strings in half. Place these strings under the heavy string so they form a T. The looped end of the macrame strings should be on the right side of the heavy string.
  4. Bring the tail ends of the macrame string over the heavy string and through the loop the macrame strings formed. Doing this will form twelve strings for you to work with, which you should have on the right side of the heavy string.
  5. Hold the right heavy string in your hand and pull it taught, and create two slipknots around it with one of the macrame strings. Then, with the same piece of macrame string, create two slipknots around the left heavy string.
  6. Using almost all the macrame strings, create two slipknots around the right, then left, heavy string until you reach the last macrame string. You will notice the heavy string begin to form an arch as you do this.
  7. With the last macrame string, create two slipknots around the right heavy string and one on the left heavy string. Then, on the left heavy string, create a slipknot whose tail faces points to the right instead of the left. Then, with the same macrame string, make two slipknots on the right heavy string. Your goal now will be to move all the macrame strings from the left of the heavy string to the right by forming knots.
  8. Working from the bottom macrame string and up, continue tying slipknots so the ends of the macrame strings face right.
  9. Continue to use the same knotting technique until you have the length desired.
  10. On the last curve you make, try to keep the strings centered so they do not curve a lot.
  11. Cut the macrame strings so they measure a ¼- to 1/8-inch long.
  12. Carefully, use a lighter to melt the ends of macrame strings and press them together to finish the cuff bracelet.

Crafts aren’t just for girls. Moreover, making items like a bracelet are a great gift. When you make a macrame Peruvian cuff bracelet, consider using different colors of macrame string to form cool patterns.

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