How To Make Mad Max In Fallout 3

The character Mad Max is awesome, so it is no surprise that you would want to know how to make Mad Max in Fallout 3. Knowing how to make Mad Max will crank your gameplay up to eleven. To create Mad Max follow these simple steps.

  1. Start the game. The first step in learning how to make the character Mad Max is starting a new game. You will need a new game because you need to decide what your character is going to look like at the beginning of the game. When you start a new game you will be given on-screen instructions on how to create your character.
  2. Sculpt the face. This is the hardest step in learning how to make Mad Max. The best way to do this is to have a reference picture of Mad Max while you are creating your character. Look through the preset faces until you find one that is similar to your reference picture. You can then go in and individually alter features to increase your character's likeliness to Mad Max. This step will take some time and practice, but Fallout 3 is advanced enough to allow you to make a near perfect copy.
  3. Get leather armor. Fallout 3 has many references to the Mad Max movies. One of the biggest tributes is the fact that the leather armor some characters wear is nearly identical to the armor Mad Max wears. While playing the game you can buy leather armor, find it, or kill someone wearing leather armor and take it. Once you have obtained the leather armor simply tweak it to really look like Mad Max.
  4. Get a sawed-off shotgun. The last step in learning how to make Mad Max in Fallout 3 is getting the signature sawed-off shotgun. Like leather armor, sawed-off shotguns are fairly common and easy to obtain. You can find them, buy them, or steal them from a corpse. Once you have the sawed-off shotgun you can equip it to complete the Mad Max look.

Now you know all there is about how to make Mad Max in Fallout 3.

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