How To Make Male Homemade Sex Toys

There are hundreds of commercially made sex toys for men out there, but if you want to learn how to make male homemade sex toys, you can do so with simple things you find around your home. Forget playing with pastries or cutting a hole in your pillow, spend five minutes and make a reusable sex toy that can bring you hours of pleasure.

To learn how to make male homemade sex toys, you will need:

  • two clean, kitchen sponges
  • a 16oz plastic cup
  • a small plastic baggie
  • warm water
  • lube
  1. The first step in learning how to make your male homemade sex toy is to take a plastic cup. Make sure the cup is clean and a little longer than your penis.
  2. Place the two clean sponges into the cup. You want to make sure that the sponges are a little above the rim of the cup. You don't want to be hitting your pelvis on the plastic rim, that could hurt. The sponges are a substitute for the vaginal walls in this homemade male sex toy.
  3. Place a bag between the sponges. The opening of the bag should be on the top and the bag should extend to the bottom of the cup. The bag is the vagina in your new homemade sex toy.
  4. Soak the sponges in warm water. Make sure it is not too hot, you don't want to burn your little man. Also, there should be no dripping when the cup is turned over.
  5. Finish making your male homemade sex toy by applying plenty of lube in the bag. A water-based lube is perhaps the best choice here. When all is complete, you can go to town with your homemade male sex toy.
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