How To Make A Map On Stronghold Crusader

Learn how to make a map on "Stronghold: Crusader" to spice up your single player game! "Stronghold: Crusader" is a 2001 side-sequel to the original "Stronghold", and is similar to its predecessor in many ways. Unlike the first, however, "Stronghold: Crusader" is set in the Middle East during the Crusades. It features new maps, scenarios, and concepts, but even those can become stale for the avid-"Stronghold" fan after a while. Stick with us as we learn how to make a map on "Stronghold: Crusader", below.

  1. Start up your PC. Boot up Microsoft Windows as normal; "Stronghold: Crusader" doesn't change this part of the process. Wait until the desktop of your Windows 98 (ME/2000/XP/Vista/7) is displayed.
  2. Launch "Stronghold: Crusader". Double click the icon on your desktop to start up the "Stronghold: Crusader" program. The game will load up and eventually display your main menu after introductions are finished.
  3. Select the Map Editor. In "Stronghold: Crusader", the Map Editor has been renamed to 'Custom Scenarios'. You should select this and then view your next options: 'Play a Map', 'Load a Map', and 'New Map'. The first two are quite obvious in what they will open.
  4. Make a new map. As you could probably tell, selecting 'New Map' will lead to the Map Editor. From there, you have three more options. Select either 'New Crusader Map', 'New Castle Builder Map', or 'New Custom Scenario Map' depending on what you want to play.
  5. Use the tools. You have a variety of tools in "Stronghold: Crusader" to choose from. For instance, your height and land tools will edit the landscape of your map to enhance whatever you wish to create. You can place buildings, vegetation, and animals anywhere you want.
  6. Save. We didn't come this far to leave your new map out in the cold. Click the "Save" button to permanently have your creation under the "Play a Map" sub-section of the "Custom Scenarios" menu.

When you make a map on "Stronghold: Crusader", always be context-sensitive. For example, as you make a map in "Stronhold: Crusader", don't forgo Mercenary Posts and forts when making a Skirmish scenario. Other than the above tips, have fun and go crazy with your new maps!

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