How To Make Massage Oil At Home

Learning how to make massage oil at home is economical and fun. Experiment with different types of oils that work well with your skin. Add your favorite fragrance with essential oil or add fresh herbs to create your perfect aroma therapy massage oil.

To make massage oil at home, you will need:

  • Glass or plastic bottle
  • Base Oil (sweet almond, safflower, olive, apricot kernel)
  • Essential oil or fresh herbs
  1. Sterilize the plastic or glass bottle. Wash the bottle and lid in hot soapy water, rinse in very hot water and air dry. The bottle and lid can be sterilized by placing them in the dishwasher and washing it.
  2. Create the base oil combination. The base oil can be made from a single oil or a combination of oils. Sweet almond oil is light weight oil with slow absorption so you will use less. People with nut allergies should not use sweet almond oil for massage. Safflower is light oil with a mild fragrance that glides well. Safflower oil is antibacterial and will help heal cuts, scraps, or blemishes. Olive oil is heavy oil with a heavy fragrance that should be diluted with lighter oil to avoid greasy skin after a massage. Olive oil provides moisture to dry skin. Apricot kernel oil has a high content of vitamin E which promotes healthy skin. It is light oil with good absorption that can be used alone for massage.
  3. Herbs and essential oils. Use your favorite herb or essential oil in your massage oil. For instance, fresh lavender or rosemary gives massage oil and calming property. A visit to your local health food store will educate you on the many essential oils and herbs available and their health giving properties.
  4. Add herbs to the massage oil. To add fresh herbs to your base oil, wash the herbs and pull the leaves from the stems. Place the leaves on paper towels over night to dry thoroughly. Add the leaves to the bottom of a sterilized bottle and pour the oil over the leaves into the bottle and tighten the lid. Place the bottle on a sunny shelf for 6 weeks and shake the bottle every day. After 6 weeks strain out the leaves and return the oil to the bottle.
  5. Add essential oil to the massage oil. Place 2 tablespoons of massage oil in a small dish and add 6 drops of essential oil. Mix thoroughly with a spoon.

Tips/Warnings: Homemade massage oil with herbs or essential oil added makes wonderfully relaxing bath oil. Add 2 tablespoons of massage oil to a hot bath. Use caution when sterilizing the bottle with hot water to avoid burning you skin.

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