How To Make Masturbation Better Without Waiting

Do you want to learn how to make masturbate better without waiting? Have you ever been so excited that you simply wanted to masturbate? Yet you wait because you know if you wait it will be a lot better? But, do you know that you can find ways and learn how to make masturbate better without waiting? That's right, no more waiting for hours, days or weeks just to have a fantastic orgasm!

Now, these may not work for all people, but the majority of you out there should find out if the following tips will help you in how to make masturbate better without waiting. If it doesn't work the first time that you use one of these tips, feel free to try it the next time around though.

  1. Use props to help. We're a huge fan of using props, toys, movies, videos, and even stories that can work. If you have the imagination, a good story or video can enhance your masturbation ten-fold. Place yourself in the story or video and imagine the things being done are actually being done to you.
  2. Take your time. Learn how to make masturbate better without waiting by taking your time, makes no sense right? But it does. Don't try and finish in two minutes or even five minutes. Play and play, make it into a fifteen minute masturbation session where you feel great afterwards.
  3. Relax a bit more. Stress or the need to hurry through something can ruin the pleasure you feel. The same is said about masturbation; don't rush again, but relax, too. Allow yourself to fantasize or use a good prop (refer back to number one), and you may find more pleasure in the act.
  4. Stop and start! Okay, so one of the best things about masturbating is the part where you orgasm, no doubt about it. But, stopping when you're close and restarting can increase the final result. Do this stop and start up to five times or more and your orgasm will be fantastic.

How to make masturbate better without waiting is all about learning what turns you on. Use your imagination and place yourself in a good fantasy. You won't have to wait a week to experience that killer orgasm anymore!

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