How To Make Masturbation Better

Learning how to make masturbation better seems like an impossible feat. You already know how to stroke yourself to ecstasy and you already know who you need to look at to get off. But, no matter how good you get, it can always get better.

  1. Practice, practice, practice. Practice makes perfect when it comes to improving your prowess at anything, including masturbation techniques. To masturbate better, stroke the monkey just a little more than you regularly do and you’ll see an improved technique in no time.
  2. Focus like a Zen Master. Pay close attention to your orgasmic response cycle while you’re masturbating to determine what feels okay, what feels good, what feels really good, and exactly what feels just a little too good.  Remove those strokes that do nothing for your experience and avoid doing something that feels too good as it will make you cum quicker (unless that’s what you want).
  3. Experiment with male sex toys. Male sex toys are not as wildly popular as their female counterparts, but they’re great just the same. Fleshlight is the best selling male toy available and everything about it is designed to make masturbation feel so much better. The company even manufactures toys to improve your stamina in bed, if premature ejaculation is a concern.
  4. Diversify your visual aids. Sometimes, you can get so used to the same sexual fantasies and they become a little stale and delay your orgasm.  Look up some new porn stars and sexy girls that turn you on and masturbate to them. Look at different sexual videos, books and magazines and find new things that make your cock jump and improve your little fantasyland.
  5. Engage in mutual masturbation. Nothing makes masturbation better than having a friend help you. Get your girlfriend, wife or booty buddy to join in. Whether she lets you eat her out, she licks your penis or balls while you touch yourself or she strips for you, this will make your orgasm—and your night—go way better than it had been going before!
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