How To Make Me Love Her

Guys, let's learn how to make love to her.  If you think you have all the answers and all the right moves; think again. Making love to her is sometimes a patient learning process; which takes paying careful attention to detail a must. There are many pointers which will have her coming back for more.

  1. Make sure she knows that you feel she is special. The more she thinks of herself in high regards in your eyes; the easier it will be to make her feel physically good. Calling her beautiful, sexy or wonderful sets an extremely good mood and helps her to become comfortable and relaxed so you can make love to her.
  2. Gentle touch is important to a woman. Touch her softly in non-sexual places. Running your hand down her cheek and stroking her hair are ways to coax her body into further relaxation.
  3. Whisper sweet nothings. As foreplay begins; whisper in her ear and it will be an immense turn on. soft words spoken with roving but gentle hands brings fire of passion igniting in the body. If she didn't feel special before, she will now as you begin to make love to her.
  4. Outer stimulation is sometimes a must. Some women are completely unable to have an orgasm by way of the 'g-spot'. Simultaneous stimulation of the clitoris as you make love to her is the way to insure she had an orgasm. Pay attention to the clitoris every time you engage in sexual activity.
  5. Oral stimulation is a must. Licking and nibbling is appreciated by all women. Lightly biting or sucking parts of her ribs and hips is enough to send wave after wave of pleasure to throughout her body. Other objectives may be to use ice or other oral additives to intensify her pleasure.
  6. Tell her how much you desire her. At different moments while you make love to her, tell her how good the experience is. Different things can be said to heighten the experience and make your lover feel irresistible.
  7. Make noise. Do not scream or be overly animated if it is fake, but let your feelings be known in soft moans and true expressions of what you are feeling. There should never be a time that you feel restrained during sex. Pressure can and will lead to inability to climax.
These are simple steps to learn and your experience will be heightened dramatically. These steps will lead to a more gratifying sexy life and possibly even eliminate or reduce faking in love making. Come on–learn how to make love to her. She deserves it.
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