How To Make A Memory Wire Bracelet Cuff

Making your jewelry for yourself or friends is easy when you know how to make a memory wire bracelet cuff. Memory wire is one of the simplest wires to work with. It is a coiled wire that comes coiled in a small diameter but that expands to fit any size wrist. Memory wire is a versatile wire that will fit any wrist size when enough of it is used. It is stiff and holds its round shape.

To make a memory wire bracelet cuff, you will need:

  • Bracelet memory wire
  • Memory wire cutter or other wire cutter
  • Beads
  • Round nose pliers
  1. Measure the wrist. Each person's wrist is different so know about how big the memory wire bracelet needs to be. For a multiple coiled memory wire bracelet cuff, it's easy to approximate by allowing at least three or four tightly coiled rounds of memory wire.
  2. Cut the memory wire. Use a memory wire cutter that is made specifically for cutting memory wire or use an old pair of wire cutters because the memory wire is steel and will put a notch in regular wire cutters.
  3. Bend one end of the memory wire. Make a loop in one end of the memory wire using round nose pliers. The loop can be small; it is needed to hold the beads on the wire.
  4. Thread the beads on the memory wire bracelet cuff. Use a pattern of beads or a random selection of beads.
  5. Bend the second end of the wire. To keep the beads on the bracelet, bend the second end of the memory wire bracelet cuff to form a loop.
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