How To Make Up A Menu For A Cowboy

Knowing how to make up a menu for a cowboy may seem like a daunting task but there are a few key tips to keep in mind. Meat especially, and obviously cows are near and dear to a cowboys heart. Cowboys work really hard, long days so you can not go wrong in your menu planning as long as you keep the foods filling and simple.

  1. Cowboys appreciate simplicity. Consider that a cowboys work day is typically from sun up to sun down, their work is full of dirt and mud and is hard physical labor and you will see why they like their meals simple and easy to eat.
  2. Hearty foods are essential to cowboys. Filling, solid food gives a cowboy the energy he needs to fuel his day. Nourishment from food will keep him from being exhausted. A cowboy must be energetic to keep up with his responsibilities and this can only be accomplished with adequate sustenance.
  3. Choose meat to be the star of your menu. Cowboys work with cattle and have respect for the beasts they work with. They appreciate quality protein because it is a direct reflection of the quality and importance of their work.
  4. Like every guy, cowboys love beef. Utilizing different cuts of beef in your menu will show your understanding of the relationship between the cowboy and cow. Steak is a great choice, particularly flank steak.
  5. Grilling is an excellent method to prepare the food on your menu for your cowboy. Cooking meals outdoors have long been a tradition among cowboys. Grilling would be a throwback to the cowboys of long ago who roasted meat over an open fire.
  6. Potatoes are a perfect accompaniment to the heartiness of any beef dish on your menu because of it's simplicity and heartiness. The simpleness of the potato leaves you with many options of how to prepare it including casseroles, baking, as well as grilling. Adding this every man vegetable will round out your cowboy menu keeping it simple and hearty.





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