How To Make A Microphone Stand

Need to know how to make a microphone stand? Microphone stands come in handy if you are a musician. You can get your vocals out comfortably without holding anything in your hand if you have a proper microphone stand, and they are easy to make. Whether you are at home or need a quick, creative trick on the road, this is the fastest way to make a microphone stand:

To make a microphone stand, you will need:

  • A tripod
  • Duct tape
  • A very sharp carving object
  • A flat, three- to five-inch thick block of wood
  • A marker or pen
  1. Take your tripod and stand it up. Adjust your tripod to the height you want your microphone stand to be. Be sure to adjust it just right. Trying to adjust it later could interfere with your microphone placement.
  2. Inspect the top of the tripod. You need to become familiar with the very top of the tripod. Most tripods have a pointy, circular piece of metal at the end. Inspecting the top of the tripod will determine how you will go about making your microphone stand.
  3. Center the block of wood on the tripod. Once you place the block of wood on top of the tripod as flat and straight as possible, you will take a marker or pen and trace the shape of the metal object. Trace the shape carefully. It will need to be the same exact shape and size for the next step.
  4. Begin carving the block of wood. Once the shape has been drawn on the bottom of the block of wood, you will carve a deep hole where the shape was drawn. Carve the block of wood as deep as it needs to be to fit securely on the tripod. You can stop as you are carving and test the wood on the tripod. Do not carve the hole too deep to where it seeps through to the other side of the wood block.
  5. Create the microphone holder. Once the block of wood is secure and able to fit on the tripod, create a holder for the microphone stand. Secure the microphone steadily on the wooden block with one hand and take a strip of duct tape to hold it in place. Once the arch has been created with the duct tape, ease the microphone out of the arch and sticky duct tape. Once the microphone is out, strip another piece of duct tape and secure it underneath the arched duct tape. This will prevent the microphone from sticking to the duct tape in the future. You can place the microphone in and out of the arch easily.
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