How To Make A Miniature Skate Park

Learning how to make a miniature skate park can take some time and the right materials. Costs vary, but generally, supplies will have to be purchased, and park items will have to be built. Following is an overview of how to make a miniature skate park.

Supplies for Making a Miniature Skate Park

  • Model glue
  • Wood glue
  • Small sheets of wood (such as balsa)
  • Sheets of Foam
  • Surface (slab of wood of desired size)
  • Scissors X-acto knife
  • Small saw
  • Paint

How to Make a Miniature Skate Park

  1. First, get all of the supplies that you will need. Visit your local arts and crafts store, and buy glues, paint, foam, an x-acto knife and sheets of wood. Find any small wood saw, and some scissors, and select the surface on which the small park will be constructed. Then you can go about learning how to make the miniature skate park.
  2. Once you have a base surface selected, consider what types of items, such as jumps you want to have in the miniature park. These can vary, according to the size of the park and your personal desires. Base your miniature park on the designs of actual parks.
  3. Once you know what you want in the park, you may begin building it. Learning how to build a miniature skate park relies on your ability to construct the many jumps that will be set in it. For ramps, use sheets of wood, supported by wedges of wood, cut to shapes that support the ramps. Use wood glue to secure ramps and toothpicks to the surface. If making curved structures, sheet foam cut to shape is better. If gluing sections of this together, you will need to use model glue. These may be bent and propped up to make structures such as quarter pipes and half pipes.
  4. Fill the small park with miniature ramps, pipes, and other structures, secured to the surface. This can take some time and many attempts, as at first, it can be hard to cut the right shapes and to have your park looking good with all of its structures.
  5. Once your park has nice looking structures, paint it with model paint. Use whatever colors you like.

It takes time to learn how to how to make a miniature skate park. A lot of time goes into the process, and learning to build its structures can be tedious, but with the right amount of devotion, you can eventually make a small park that looks superb.

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