How To Make A Misty Maple Leaf Cocktail

Whether you are planning to enjoy a cozy night out with some friends, a girls' spa day, or warm evening by the fireplace with your sweetheart, a knowing how to make a Misty Maple Leaf Cocktail for yourself or your friends is the perfect mixture for any calm and relaxing atmosphere you are in. This cocktail is the perfect side to any sweet dessert, and has a delectable taste which will keep you mixing more for the rest of the night. This delicious cocktail focuses on accenting the tastes of Canadian Mist Whiskey, and Northern maple syrup, which is loved by so many.

This cocktail was created by Tim Laird, who is responsible for thinking up new cocktails for Canadian Mist Whiskey. This cocktail is sure to be the new favorite mixer of any group, as it is created with the sweet desirable flavors of Canadian Mist Whiskey.

 Ingredients You Will Need For A Misty Maple Leaf Cocktail:

  • 2 oz. of Canadian Mist Whiskey
  • 1/2 oz of Pure Maple Syrup
  • A splash of Club Soda

 How To Make Your Misty Maple Leaf Cocktail:

  1. Get your cocktail shaker ready with ice.
  2. Pour the Canadian Mist Whiskey and Maple Syrup into the mixer.
  3. Shake well.
  4. Pour into a glass over the rocks.
  5. Put a splash of club soda in the mixture.

Now you have the perfect blended cocktail for any occasion: a Misty Maple Leaf. Enjoy sipping this sweet and sultry cocktail over dessert with friends, a romantic evening with your sweetheart, or a couples get together any time of the year!



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