How To Make MMA Gloves Out Of Paper

Need to know how to make MMA gloves out of paper? Making gloves at home is not something that is commonly done. Nevertheless they can be made. MMA paper gloves probably should not be used in any match, if so you’ll probably only last long enough to see round one. Here are some steps that you can take to make MMA gloves out of paper.

To make MMA gloves out of paper, you will need:
  • Paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Picture of an MMA glove
  • Fiber filling or foam
  1. Use your picture as a template. Pick a picture of an MMA glove that you would like to emulate when making your paper MMA glove. Try and pick something simple since all you are working with is paper.
  2. Mold. Place the paper around your hands and use the scissors to cut glove so that it resembles your template. You will probably need multiple sheets of paper to do this. Do not be afraid to tape several sheets together.
  3. Once you are done carving your MMA glove out of paper, go ahead and place it around your hand exactly how you would wear it. Then proceed to tape the glove together so that it stays together by itself. Make sure that you leave a little flap open at the lower end of the glove so that it can be removed and put on when needed.
  4. Optional cushion. You can opt to stuff the gloves with fiber filling or foam. This is to make sure that you have a cushion when you use the gloves.
Paper MMA gloves are not the best MMA gloves to use, but they work well enough to prevent cuts. Don’t be afraid to experiment when making your MMA glove out of paper, as you will probably never use them in a real match anyway.
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