How To Make MMA Sparring Gloves Out Of Paper

Learning how to make sparring gloves for mixed martial arts (MMA) is doable. Making sparring out of paper requires one safety feature to remember, cover the knuckles. Sparring gloves out of paper for MMA is a one-time use proposition. Sparring gloves for MMA out of paper is inexpensive and a quick build. The primary use of MMA sparring gloves out of paper is sparring but also perhaps to see if this sport is for you. Using sparring glove made from paper in MMA isn’t a long term solution if you want to advance in the sport. Paper sparring gloves should only be a short-term proposition and not used in anything other then sparring. Read the instruction below to learn how to make sparring gloves out of paper for MMA.

You will need the following:

  • Sports tape
  • Four sheets of loose leaf or copier paper
  • Scissors


  1. Fold the two sheets of paper into quarters. On a flat surface run the side of your palm over the paper to make them flat. Wrap the first piece over your knuckles, to help mold it. Then take the second piece and do the same.
  2. Cut of four pieces of sports tape, about two inches long. Take the first piece of paper and wrap it over your knuckles. Take two pieces of tape and tape over the piece of paper inside the palm.
  3. Wrap the second piece of paper over the first. Use the remaining two pieces of tape and tape over the paper inside the palm as well. Repeat this process of your other hand.



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