How To Make MMA Sparring Gloves

Learning how to make MMA sparring gloves is an inexpensive way to make an inexpensive accessory. It really isn’t hard but one wonders why risk it. MMA sparring gloves are inexpensive and easy to find. Making MMA sparring gloves at home can be done with basic materials, but honestly, once you make your MMA sparring gloves at home you could have bought a pair. Since MMA sparring gloves require padding for safety, padding must be the number one concern. MMA sparring gloves offer protection for both the fighter and the opponent. MMA is wildly popular and many people partake in the sport for various reasons. Obtaining gear, if you are serious, is as simple as going to your local sports chain store. MMA gear is readily available in mist sporting goods stores.

What you will need to make them:

  • Gloves (snow, baseball etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Electrical tape
  • Bubble wrap (small bubbles)
  • A friend
  1. Find a pair of gloves that fit your hand snug. Use the scissors to cut the finger and thumbs out to just below the middle knuckle. Make sure the gloves come to just beneath your worst bone. Do not use mittens for this.
  2. Use the scissors again to cut a piece of bubble wrap. The bubble wrap should be wide enough to fully cover your knuckles and wrap around your hand no less than four times.
  3. Have your friend use the electrical tape to tape the bubble wrap in place. Tape only the inside part of the palm. Make sure the tape is smooth and flat as not to cause injury with an open palm.
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