How To Make Model Boat Hull Mold

Need to know how to make a model boat hull mold? Making a model boat hull mold isn't hard, especially if you have all necessary materials. However, if you don't have them all, you'll need to get them. Here are steps for you follow when making a model boat hull mold.

Things you will need:

  • Some sort of molding material; clay or plaster (your choice)
  • Spare Model Boat Hull (to use for the molding)
  • Bucket or two (may not be needed)
  • Kiln (if you want to use clay)
  • Cutting wire (if you want to use clay)
  • Hairdryer (if you plan to use plaster)
  1. Gather your materials. If you're planning on using clay or plaster, go to any art store to buy the clay or plaster from. The clay and plaster will be used to make the molds. Now, you'll need to get a spare model boat hull to use for making the mold. Try to find a friend that has the same model boat hull that will be willing to let you borrow it. Once you have found a spare model boat hull, find a bucket, or even two. Also, try to find a hairdryer if you want to use plaster. If you wish to use clay, then find someone with a kiln or you can use a school's kiln with their permission. You'll also need some clay cutting wire.
  2. Prepare your molding materials. If you plan on using plaster for the mold, then pour your plaster into the buckets. If you plan on using clay, then get your clay into a large block, one that will be large enough for the boat hull.
  3. Mold the outside of the hull. To mold the outside of the hull with clay, simply press your hull into the block of clay. Don't press it all the way in though. Press it in far enough so that the top of the boat hull is level with the top of the block of clay. Now, gently pull your hull back out of the clay. Now, put your clay inside a kiln and let it dry for a day. If you want to use plaster, then dip your boat hull model inside the bucket of plaster, using a prop to hold it up. Make sure that the top of the boat hull is level with the top of the bucket as well. Let the plaster sit out for a day or two and let the plaster dry. Now, take out the boat hull, gently. If the plaster is still slightly wet, then take a hairdryer and start drying the top layer of the plaster.
  4. Mold the inside of the hull. To mold the inside of the hull with clay, take your remaining clay and put it inside the boat hull, pressing on it as you go. Press on it so it all lays flat against the walls of the boat hull model. Make sure that you check for cracks as you fill up the model hull. Fill the boat hull model with clay all the way up to the top of the boat hull model. Let it sit out for a while, and then try to remove the clay from the boat hull model. When using plaster, pour your plaster inside the boat hull model. Pull up the boat hull model all the way to the top. Now, let it sit for a day or two to dry. Then, take out the plaster from the boat hull model. Now, take a hairdryer and dry out the plaster if it's still slightly wet.
  5. Clean your spare boat hull model. Make sure that you clean the spare boat hull model as best you can because it is borrowed. Then, give the boat hull model back. Now, you have made molds of the outside and inside of the boat hull model!
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