How To Make A Model Golf Course

Learning how to make a model golf course can be a fun, but tedious activity. You must have the right materials and some serious devotion to make a model golf course. The following steps will guide you how to make a model golf course.

Materials needed:

  • Base for the golf course (i.e. a piece of plywood)
  • Sand
  • Green sheet foam
  • Dark green or brown sheet foam
  • Small, fake trees
  • Scissors or X-Acto knife
  • Glue
  • Marker
  1. Purchase all of the materials you will be using to make the model golf course. Any arts and craft stores should have what you need.
  2. Starting with the base, which can be a section of a sheet of plywood, outline with a marker certain parts of the course. Mark different greens, sand traps and wooded areas that will populate the course.
  3. Start with the greens. Cut the shapes out of green foam using scissors or a knife and glue the sections of green to their corresponding placements on the base.
  4. From darker sheet foam, cut the sections that will be wooded and glue these to the base. The base should now have designated greens covered in green foam and darker foam covering the wooded parts where small, fake trees will be installed later.
  5. Make the sandy areas. Coat the base of the sand traps with glue and sprinkle sand over these areas. Once the glue dries, the sand will be left on the base.
  6. Using any small, fake trees (these may even be constructed from pipe cleaners), populate the areas of darker sheet foam. Glue these upright to the surface. You should have a model course with greens, sand traps and wooded areas between holes.

Learning how to build a model golf course is not too difficult, but it can take some time. Just be sure to take your time and build the course carefully.

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