How To Make A Mold For A Golf Putter

Are you wondering how to make a mold for a golf putter? Aside from having the local foundry cast a mold for the putter itself, there are home methods available to create a metal putter that will be proportioned to your body. Check online stores as well as crafting companies to purchase silicone rubber for the mold. Items to make the golf putter slide out of the mold are also available, many are in spray form.

  1. Purchase silicone rubber. Many reputable crafting companies as well as online stores offer silicone mold making kits. Or purchase silicone rubber as an  individual item to create a mold for a golf putter.
  2. Create your mold. Use silicone rubber to make a mold of a currently owned or borrowed golf putter that has the shape you wish to duplicate. Follow the instructions on the manufacturers label for ratio's of mix and liquid for best results. Mix together until the silicone is thick and creamy looking to achieve the rubber mold that you will use to pour the metal powder into to create the golf putter.
  3. Allow the mold to fully cure before removing the putter. After removing the golf putter you used to create the mold from the silicone rubber, you will need to allow for proper time for your mold to harden before using the metal powder to make a new golf putter. Make certain to follow all manufacture's instructions on the package whether using a kit or silicone purchased separately.
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