How To Make A Money Clip

Want to learn how to make a money clip? Making a money clip is easy. This money clip project is inexpensive. Anybody can do it! Follow these simple directions and learn how to make your very own money clip.

What you'll need:

  • A silver dollar
  • Metal epoxy
  • A giant paper clip
  1. Buy a silver dollar. The silver dollar depends on you. You can go to the bank or a coin shop to buy a silver dollar. If you want a real silver dollar, it will cost you fifteen to twenty dollars. A regular silver dollar will cost you one dollar. Buy metal epoxy and a giant paper clip.
  2. Take the giant paper clip and bend it into the shape of an "L." The large part of the paper clip should point up and the small part should lay on the silver dollar.
  3. Take the metal epoxy and put some on the small part of the paper clip. Glue the silver dollar to this part of the paper clip. Do not use too much metal epoxy.
  4. Hold the paper clip onto the silver dollar and let the glue set. Once it is set, let it dry for a day. You want to make sure the metal epoxy is completely dry before you complete your money clip.
  5. Once the epoxy is dry, bend the large part of the paper clip back into place. You now have a money clip with a nice silver dollar as the design. Make more money clips and give them away as presents, if you desire.
  6. Use your money clip to hold your dollar bills. Show it off to your friends. Show your friends how they can make a money clip for themselves.



  • A regular silver dollar is a better choice when you make a money clip. You ruin the value of a real silver dollar when you make it into a money clip.
  • Read the instructions on the epoxy before use.
  • Use your new hobby to make gifts for friends or loved ones.
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