How To Make Money Hunting

Want to know how to make money hunting? As a hunter you've enjoyed developing skill, respect for the environment and the ability to bring home game to the table, but now you're ready to tackle the added challenge of making money hunting. There are many ways to make money as a hunter, and although the days of hunting and selling game are for the most part gone, there are many ways to make money through marketing avenues such as: television or the Internet, as well as design opportunities with antlers, bones, fur, leather and feathers. Sponsorships and sales of pelts are another way to make money hunting. You will be able to take the skills learned here to begin your path making money hunting.

What you'll need:

  • Hunting gear
  • A business plan
  • Appropriate licenses and permits
  • Experience in the profitability avenue you would like to pursue
  • Experience hunter and trapper
  1. Develop your hunting experience. To make money as a hunter you've got to develop your skill. Whether you want to gain sponsors as a top trophy hunter, become a professional hunting guide, run a hunting ranch, get a television hunting series, carve antler handles for hunting knives or sell pelts at auction, you have to first be a great hunter. You've got to model safety, ethics and sportsmanship to be a great role model to everyday hunters out in the field.
  2. Identify your core competencies. Hunters that want to make money need to know what they are best at. If you've got the skills to manage land and are great working dogs you may work best as an upland or bird guide, and you might even manage a hunting ranch, or if you are a great writer you can look into sporting magazines or creating ad revenue from writing a hunting blog. The goal is to identify what you are already good at and what hunting skills you can use to make money hunting.
  3. Review appropriate law. Hunting is a highly regulated area, so if you want to become a guide you'll need to meet any certifications required in your state and if you want to make products from horns or hides, be sure what you sell is legal. If it becomes too easy to make money hunting it could inadvertently promote poaching, needless waste of animal's lives, and could lead away from responsible stewardship of the land. Before you determine what way you wish to make money hunting, be sure that you will be able to do so legally and ethically.
  4. Create your business plan. You need to consider how making money hunting fits in to the bigger picture of your total revenue. If you eat what you hunt you will need to consider how much additional time outside of your usual hunting you will need to put forward in order to earn money. Producing and marketing a show will take significant time. Preparing hides to be tanned or making antler handled hunting knives will subtract from time you could be advancing your current career.
  5. Promote yourself online. You've already thought about starting a blog, but promotion on the internet is going to be imperative, no matter what direction you take to make money hunting. You need to develop an identity for your business. Use the core competencies you discovered in step 2 and capitalize these in your self promotion.
  6. Follow your path. Now that you've developed your focus, business plan and promotional strategy, commit.

Hunting is filled with heritage, and if you are a hunter at heart, make your plan and take the next steps. Any new professional avenue is a challenge, but if you have prepared yourself well you'll be able to make money hunting.

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