How To Make Money Online For Free

Learn how to make money online for free as we divulge various methods below! Everyone wants to make money online: it's convenient, variable, and full of opportunities. That being what it is, not every website that says you can make money online for free is telling the truth. So let's make money online for real, and without all those scams on every other site out there!

To make money online for free we will need the following:

  • Computer
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Modem
  1. Become an online juror. Online jurors get to have have the best of both worlds: fun work and good pay. Law practitioners often pay online jury-imitation websites to run their cases by random jurors. That being said, online jurors don't get work that often, and you're often lucky to get a case a month. Still, each case pays pretty well when you factor in the time per hour, and it could add up to buying a fun treat (eventually).
  2. Start a blog. Blogs make money online, and they often make a lot. The bad thing is, while blogs are fun to customize, create, and post on, they require a lot of viewers before advertisement revenue starts pouring in. However, when the money does start coming in, it's more than great pay (especially when you consider how easy the job is).
  3. Work as a customer service representative. Contrary to popular belief, not all technical support is being outsourced. Many online companies are offering jobs to those who want to take up a career in the customer service field. While you might not be make money online too fast, it will be a nice part-time gig.
  4. Apply to work at a human search engine (HSE). With the rise of companies like ChaCha, kgb, and Mahalo, HSE's are doing great. Unlike normal search engines, HSE's utilize people to filter out results and deliver accurate answers to customers. These sort of companies pay employees as part-time, full-time, or temporary.
  5. Try freelance writing. The Internet is rife with opportunities for those wanting to make money online via their writing expertise. Content-aggregating websites are constantly looking for new freelance writers to bring advertisement revenue to their sites. If you think you can hack it, try writing for your favorite website by applying today!

There are lots of ways to make money online for free, but not all are exactly "legitimate". Because most Internet companies will hire you as an independent contractor, expect a lot of paperwork to fill out prior to actually being hired. If there isn't much paperwork, be very skeptical. There are ways to make money online, but you've got to be smart about it. Have fun, and happy online job hunting!

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