How To Make Money Throwing Parties At Clubs

You want to know how to make money throwing parties at clubs? Making money from throwing parties at clubs has to do with your ability to negotiate with the club manager, and your ability to effectively market the club to the consumer. It's not as difficult as it may seem. All you have to do is convince the club manager that you can generate revenue from the parties being thrown. If you can get the manager on the same page as you, the rest is relatively simple. Then, It's just a matter of getting the word out to the public. Remember, a good party has great drinks specials, a hot DJ, and lots and lots of people.

  1. Pick a place and day. The best place to choose is a club you're familiar with. If you're new to throwing parties at clubs, you're not going to get a prime night to host your jams (Friday, or Saturday). That's ok. You want to show these guys that you can make them money on an off night. It's up to you to scout a place out.
  2. Have a solid plan. Don't just go up to a club manager and say you know a lot of people. That's not good enough. If you want to make money throwing parties, you have to be able to convince the manager that you can make money for the club. The best thing to do is to have a strong plan. You should be able to tell the manager exactly how you can increase their numbers on a given night. Don't be afraid to give your input on minor tweaks the club could make. There should be a real brainstorming session going on when you talk to the manager. Convince the manager to give you the green light on the three following steps.
  3. Drink specials. Clubs generate money by the number of people that show up and the amount of drinks bought. Simple as that. In order to get people through the door, an alluring drink special is imperative. Offer something like an hour free open bar. After that hour is up, the people are going to continue to drink, and continue to spend money.
  4. The music has to be hot. If the DJ isn't playing the stuff the people want to hear, there won't be any people. Make sure on the night you throw your party, that the DJ is playing music that your crowd wants to hear.
  5. Create a VIP list. This will be the most important tool in your generation of money for throwing the parties. This will be your major selling point to the public. Create a feeling of exclusivity and people will jump on it. Who doesn't want to be on a VIP list?
  6. It's all up to you. If everyone's on board with your plan, get out there and get the people into the club. There's no point to throwing parties at clubs if nobody shows up. The only way they'll show up is if you do the footwork. Use social networking web sites. Use word of mouth. Use business cards with your contact info on it. Use text messages Use other people to help. Do what you need to do to get the word to the public. All it takes is one hot night for the word to spread, and you to start making money.
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