How To Make Money Throwing Parties

If you want to make money throwing parties, you need to offer your guests something. Parties are meant to be fun, and what could be more fun than live music and keg beer? You could even go as far as to have an liquor bar if you have the funds to front the liquor needed.

If you want to make money throwing parties, you will need:

  • A keg
  • A band
  1. Buy a couple of kegs of beer. Get two different kinds. Some people like light beer, others like dark beer. You will also need a couple of garbage cans and tons of ice to keep the kegs in and cold. Also, pick up plenty of plastic or styrofoam cups for your party-goers to drink from. By having keg beer at your party, you can charge at the door for people who want to drink from the keg. You will be putting money up for the keg, but if you charge five dollars at the door as an entrance fee, then the partiers will be more than happy to oblige. You may even need to run out to the store to get another keg if the party really gets going, and you can ask for donations to get the next keg.
  2. Book a band or an acoustic player. Party-goers love some live music at a party. To make money at your party with live music, you can charge money for admission. You will have to give some of the money to the band or musicians playing the show, but you can make a contract with them. Some bands will even play for free keg beer if you decide to go the keg route. If you have friends who are in bands, they may want to help you out making money at your party by playing for free. They can sell their merchandise and get their names out there to a new crowd of possible fans.
  3. Hire a DJ. DJs can liven up a party and you can charge admissions at the door to make money at your party. You will probably have to pay the DJ a cut of the money, but you may be able to find a DJ who is just starting out and wants to get some name recognition. The DJ may also have merchandise to sell and will be happy to get by without pay so that he or she has the opportunity to make some money on merchandise.

Throwing parties is a blast, and you can make a little money. The more big parties you throw, the better a name you'll get for your parties, and the more you'll be able to charge at the door for entrance.

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