How To Make Money When You Are Physically Disabled

Need to learn how to make money when you are physically disabled? Whether you were born with disability or suffered a debilitating illness or injury, it is a challenge to put yourself into the mainstream workforce.  Disabilities can be more than simply limits on your abilities. They can also be demands on your time and resources.  It may take longer to do basic tasks like bathing, cooking and household tasks. Transportation can be costly and inconvenient. Depending on the nature of your physical disability, a good piece of your day might be dedicated to self-care — dialysis, physical therapy, breathing treatments, etc. There's a reason that the coy, politically correct phrase, "differently-abled" irritates so many people with disability: it trivializes the life and death battle that so many people with physical disability face daily.  With all of that, you might be hard-pressed to figure out how to make money when you are physically disabled.

Let's begin by admitting this: it can be tough.

But the phrase "differently-abled" does have its use if you are physically disabled and trying to learn how to make money. It leads you into the first step toward success:

  1. Assess your abilities.  For instance, if you have limited mobility but you've always had a knack for numbers, you might consider going to school to become a Certified Public Accountant.  If you're visually impaired, there are many options for desk jobs, such as customer service or computer programming.  If you have limited physical capacity but love sports, you can become a sports announcer or write books about heroic athletes.  You already know what you can't do.  What can you do? What do you love? What are your hobbies?  What would you like to learn?
  2. Decide on your goal. Yes, you're reading this blog because you already have the goal to make money when you are physically disabled. But let's define your terms.  How much money? Are you thinking of a full-time job, and is that realistic for your situation? Part-time? Or are you looking for work you can fit in between dealing with your disability? 
  3. Research your options. Allocate some serious time for this.  If you're serious about making money when you're physically disabled, it's well worth knowing all of options, so talk to people, visit or call the library, search on line, and read everything you can get your hand on. If you're thinking full-time or part-time, there are government agencies that will give you training and job resources.  If you've decided to work from home or be self-employed, the options are practically limitless, thanks to the advent of the Internet.
  4. Be careful.  Your disability has probably forced you to be tough and smart, but there are less-ethical types who will try to take advantage of any weakness that you have. The Internet is thick with thieves, making false promises about big money working from home. Put all your smarts and toughness toward making a wise decision. 

Whether you were born with complications or just had your world rocked by a recent illness or injury, making decisions about work and finances can be daunting.  But if you're determined and willing to take the necessary steps, then you will be able to make money when you are physically disabled.


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