How To Make A Moped Scooter Faster

If you own a moped, it is time to learn how to make your moped scooter faster. Making your moped scooter faster can be done, but there are certain legal precautions to keep in mind. Mopeds are not registered as motorcycles because of their speed. Increasing the speed could change how the government views your moped scooter. Check with your local government and their rulings. If you still want to make your moped scooter faster, there are a few simple adjustments and maintenance tasks you can do.

To make a moped scooter faster you will need:

  • Moped expansion chamber
  • Moped performance muffler
  • Screwdriver
  • Transmission fluid compatible to your moped transmission
  • Oil compatible for your moped
  • Oil filter
  • Washer and variator assembly
  • Containers for proper disposal of old fluids
  • Larger carburetor unit compatible to the moped
  1. Replace your air filter. This may seem unnecessary, but it is a very important step. By removing your moped scooter air filter and replacing it with an expansion chamber or a higher performance muffler, you can actually increase the speed of the moped scooter. This is a simple remove and replace step and should not need any tools other than a screwdriver.

  2. Check your transmission. If the speed of your moped scooter is actually an issue of sluggishness, the problem could be located in the transmission itself. It's always best to go ahead and flush the transmission and insert clean and properly measured fluids. Dirty fluids or not enough fluids in the transmission can cause serious issues with moped scooter speed.

  3. Check your other fluids. While you're down there cleaning out that pesky transmission, it wouldn't be a bad idea to go ahead and clean the other fluid systems. Flush the oil and replace it with clean oil. You may also want to replace the oil filter as well. Clean oil in your moped scooter does no good if the oil filter is clogged.

  4. Maintain your transmission. In addition to replacing the transmission fluids you should also replace the washer and the assembly itself. Just the variator assembly needs to be replaced. Unless it is brand new the washers and assembly could lead to serious issues with moped scooter performance and speed.

  5. Enlarge the jet. The last step you can take to make sure that your moped scooter runs faster is to replace the jet with larger carburetor unit. Check and make sure you are getting a compatible carburetor and you are not getting one overly powered for your moped scooter. 

By checking and replacing fluids and filters on your moped scooter you can make sure you are going at the fastest speed possible for your make and model of moped.  If you want more speed, the suggestions in this guide will also help to achieve greater speed in your moped scooter. You can also check out websites for tweaking your moped with rally racing in mind. Always keep in mind that speed is a factor and you should check with local regulations to make sure you still have a moped and not a motorcycle after your adjustments have been made.

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