How To Make Motorcycle Muffler

Knowing how to make motorcycle muffler can add to the  excitement of ownership. Motorcycles are not just a means of transport, but are great fun especially on highways and open roads. You can carry out numerous alterations to your motorcycles even in your own garage. A motorcycle consists of a simple exhaust system. It usually has an inch wide exhaust pipe which runs from the engine towards the muffler. It is possible to make a louder muffler which is accepted legally and something which will not land you in trouble. Begin with unscrewing the old muffler and follow the steps below


Things you'll need to build a motorcycle muffler:

  • Pliers
  • C-clamp
  • Drill Mousse can
  • Protective eyewear
  • A screwdriver with a flathead
  1. Remove the plastic lid from the mousse can. The can will only have a metal lip. You will also find a mousse dispenser over the plaster nozzle.
  2. Remove the lip on the can. Once it has been removed using the pliers to pull out the mousse can. You might hear a pop sound because of the pressure in the can. Remove any mousse residue left in the can. Using the pliers flatten the circular lip which was just below under the mousse can and the dispenser nozzle top. The motorcycle muffler needs to be clean of all residue.
  3. Make a hole measuring ¼ an inch in the can and let its depth be 1.25 inches from the uppermost surface of the can.
  4. Make a hole measuring 1/8 an inch at the middle and the bottom portion of the can.
  5. Insert the c-clamp over the exhaust pipe and then move it over the mousse can further towards the exhaust pipe. Secure it tightly with the lip placed over the can till it clasps the motorcycle exhaust pipe.
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