How To Make Motorcycle Tires Sticky

Knowing how to make motorcycle tires sticky can really come in handy at the track. There are several ways that you can make your motorcycle tires sticky, but some are better than others. Here are a few steps that will help make your motorcycle tires sticky and give you the best results.

To make motorcycle tires sticky, you will need:

  • motorcycle tires
  • 1/3 Denatured alcohol
  • cap of Wd40
  • 2/3 Simple Green
  • gloves
  • brush
  • rag
  1. Mix the products together. Get the 1/3 of the denatured alcohol, a cap of Wd40, and 2/3 simple green and mix the three products together. Avoid directly using your hands as you do this and make sure that you are wearing gloves. Use a brush to stir the three products together.
  2. Apply the mixture. Use a rag to apply the mixture to your motorcycle tires. The mixture acts as a cleaner as well as something that will make your tires sticky. Make sure that you apply the whole mixture to both of your tires. Try to apply the mixture evenly to all parts of the tires so that the tires have an equal amount of stickiness once they have dried.
  3. Wait for it to dry. Try and wait about 30 minutes for the majority of the mixture to dry and soak into the tires before moving your motorcycle.
  4. Test it out. Hop onto your motorcycle and test out your tires to see if the mixture has worked properly.

Now, anytime that you need to make your motorcycle tires sticky you know what to do.



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