How To Make My PS3 Wireless Stronger

Are you thinking to yourself, "I need to know how to make my PS3 wireless stronger"? Lots of times, PS3 owners find that their wireless adapters are not performing to their full ability, which leaves them stuck trying to figure out how to strengthen their PS3 wireless. In reality, there are a few effective things to try out before completely hurling the console out the window in a fit of rage. These intermittent issues with PS3 wireless can usually be mended by just a few simple steps.

  1. Ensure that no other device is draining the internet connection. Usually, if you’re experiencing lag in a game and blaming it on your poor PS3 wireless signal, it probably has something to do with your internet connection and other devices using it. If you’ve got a computer logged on to the same network connection, try simply powering the computer off and checking the PS3 wireless connection. When you’re playing games and mom is perusing YouTube, the connection is very susceptible to slowing down and altering the quality of game play. Some internet connections will not be noticeably affected, but many will, and it’s worth it to see if another device is the culprit to make the PS3 wireless stronger.
  2. Try placing tin foil around the aerial antennas of the router. Cut one or two triangles out of tin foil and make sure that they are a little bit longer than the length of the aerial antennas on the router. If you’ve got just one antenna, you’ll only need one triangle. If you’ve got two, you’ll need two. Once you’ve cut your triangles out, cut one hole at the top of the triangle and one hole at the base. These holes should be big enough for the antennas to slide through. Once you’ve got your triangle cut out, take it to your router and start by sliding the antenna through the hole at the base of the triangle. Slide the triangle all the way to the bottom of the antenna, and then slide the other hole over the top of the antenna again. This will create a curved metallic surface to help broadcast the wireless signal more strongly. Make sure to face the inside of the curve outward (preferably toward the PS3) and not toward the wall. If you’ve got two antennas, rinse and repeat with the other. This should help make your PS3 wireless stronger.
  3. Make sure that there isn’t anything obstructing the connection. Microwaves and phones are known to hinder wireless signals, so it may be worth looking into if you’ve still got a poor PS3 wireless connection.

If it’s at all possible, connect your PS3 to a router by an Ethernet cord. Ethernet cords automatically provide the best connection because they are a direct and physical link.

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