How To Make My Psyclone Wireless Controller For PS3 Work

Here are instructions for how to make a Psyclone wiresless controller for the PS3 work. The Psyclone wireless controller for the PS3 is a third party peripheral aimed at gamers on a budget. However, the Psyclone wireless controller is not without its problems, and the one that most users have reported on are those concerning the device’s connectivity. So if you are having problems getting your Psyclone wireless controller to sync up with you PS3, these simple steps can help you quickly get back into the action.

  1. Check the batteries. If the batteries are dead or near dead, the controller will not function properly. This is the most common solution to a connectivity problems. If you haven’t changed the batteries in some time, try that first.
  2. Check for software updates. Since the Psyclone wireless controller is a third party peripheral, it is not guaranteed to work with every game.  If your PS3 is connected to the Internet, check to see if there are any software updates that need to be applied to either the operating system or the game. It should be noted that the Psyclone wireless controller does not come equipped with six-axis motion control, so if the game you are playing requires it you will need to obtain a controller that has this function (such as the Sony Dual Shock).
  3. Sync the controller.  Sometimes the controller needs to be resynced in order to function properly.  Make sure your PS3 is turned on and then press and hold the sync button on the controller until the light stops flashing.  This indicates the controller is synced up and ready for use.  Please note that if your version of the controller requires a combination of button inputs, continue entering the sequence until the light stops flashing.
  4. Plug in the controller. Connect the Psyclone wireless controller directly to the PS3 via the included USB cable. This will initiate the syncing process and will hopefully fix any connectivity problems. The PS3 has four USB ports located along the bottom of the front panel. Plug the controller into the first USB port. If the controller fails to sync then try the second USB port. Repeat this for all four USB slots.
  5. Return the controller. If you have tried all the above steps and you still have a nonfunctioning controller, then you might want to consider returning/replacing it. Take the controller back to the store and exchange it for a new one. Most stores have an exchange/return policy, so make sure you are still covered. 
  6. Call Psyclone customer service. If you are no longer covered by the stores return policy, call Psyclone’s customer service number and report any problems to them. If the device is deemed defective Psyclone should replace the controller free of charge (provided you are still covered under their warranty).
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