How To Make Necklaces With Money For Graduation

You can give a memorable gift when you learn how to make necklaces with money for graduation. Give a necklace made from ribbon and money that is specially made and customized for the graduate in your life.

To make necklaces with money for graduation, you will need the following.

  • 20 money bills (any denomination)
  • Curling ribbon
  • Sheer ribbon
  • Scissors


  1. Cut a piece of ribbon the length you want the necklace to be. Cut twenty 6" pieces of curling ribbon. Cut twenty 6" pieces of sheer ribbon.
  2. Fan fold each bill. Place a bill lengthwise on the table. Fold the closest edge upward ¼ inch and crease. Turn the bill over and fold the folded edge upward ¼ inch and crease. Turn the bill over and repeat the process until the entire bill is folded. Press the folded bill between your fingers to strengthen the creases.
  3. Tie the fan folded bill with curling ribbon in the center of the bill. Use scissors to curl the ends of the curling ribbon. Spread open the bill until it looks like a bow tie. Tie a piece of sheer ribbon to the necklace then tie the ends of the sheer ribbon around the center of the bow tie and tie a bow.
  4. Make the fan folded bills into flowers after tying them to the necklace by opening the fan all the way, tape the 2 edges of the fan on the left, then on the right, together to hold them in place.
  5. Continue the steps until all 20 flowers are added to the necklace.

Tip: Use the school colors when selecting the ribbon. For a girl, pick a ribbon color that will compliment her dress for the occasion. A variation of the necklace is to make the money necklace using a strand of beads, satin cord, or plastic chain, then attach the money with a length of ribbon for each bill.

Warning: Make the folds in the bill as even as you can get it for your necklace will look neat. Do not punch holes or make cuts in the paper money.



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