How To Make Ninja 250 Engine Faster

Learn how to make Ninja 250 engine faster using the steps in this article. The Kawasaki Ninja 250R is Kawasaki's beginner motorcycle. With a tiny 250 cc engine with approximately 30 horsepower, the Ninja 250 may seem like it's a slow ride, but in fact, it boasts an incredible amount of acceleration (zero to 60 in just over five seconds) and nimble handling. You can install a new exhaust system to your Ninja 250 engine to make it faster, using the following steps.

To make a Ninja 250 engine faster, you will need:

  • Leather gloves
  • Socket wrench
  • Sockets
  • Ninja 250 exhaust system
  1. Allow your engine and exhaust pipes to cool if you recently drove the motorcycle. Exhaust pipes can stay hot for hours, so wear a pair of leather gloves and touch the exhaust pipe to see if it is still hot. If it does not appear hot with the gloves, quickly touch it with the tip of your fingers. If cool enough to handle, begin your work.
  2. Remove the bolts that connect the muffler to the engine exhaust manifold pipe. The bolts are located at the base of the stock muffler. Use a socket wrench to remove them.
  3. Remove the bolts that connect the exhaust to the mounting bracket near the rear axle. Use a socket wrench to remove them.
  4. Remove the old exhaust muffler and set it aside. Put it in a protected place where you will remember to find it in case you ever decide to sell the motorcycle (some riders prefer the stock exhaust) or if you have trouble with your after market exhaust system.
  5. Slip on the new exhaust muffler. Place the included clamps around the point where the new exhaust pipe connects to the exhaust manifold. Insert the new bolts but do not tighten completely.
  6. Insert the bolts into the mounting bracket. Adjust the muffler and then tighten the bolts completely once you are happy with how the exhaust muffler is situated.  
  7. Start the Kawasaki Ninja 250 and take it for a test ride. Note that the engine has a deeper sound and should have a noticeable gain in acceleration.
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