How To Make A Ninja Suit

Wondering how to make a ninja suit, are you? Before explaining what exactly to do in order to put this outfit together, you need to decide how you want to look and how much effort you want to put into the costume. For this tutorial, we’ll look at how to assemble the most universally regarded ninja get-up, the head-to-toe black clothing with a face mask. This ninja suit also happens to be the easiest to make. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to your very own DIY ninja wear in no time.

  1. Black clothes. For this outfit, you’ll need solid-black clothing. A long-sleeved black shirt and black pants. No tags, no logos, no embroidery, no pattern, nothing but black. Go to the thrift store and grab some stretchy black pants and a black shirt. The ideal choice for a shirt is a black turtleneck so you can tuck the mask (detailed in the next step) into the neck. As for the pants, just get whatever’s comfortable for you. Jeans, bike tights, leotards, sweat pants, yoga pants, etc.
  2. The mask. Ninjas are characteristically thought of and portrayed with their faces entirely covered except for their eyes. You can make a ninja mask very effortlessly out of a t-shirt, of all things. Just get yourself a black t-shirt and follow these next steps: Put the shirt on as you normally would, but only pull your head halfway through the opening (so the top of your head and eyes are visible, but the rest of your face isn’t). Pull the back of the shirt up and over so it covers the entire back of your head and your forehead. Grab the loose ends in the back and tie them up. Then tuck them into the neck of your shirt. 
  3. Footwear. It’s highly doubtful that you’d find shoes resembling those that actual ninjas wore, so don’t be too troubled about the authenticity of your attire. After all, real ninjas also didn’t wear shirts on their heads either, so the validity of your ninja suit has already gone out the window. Any pair of closed-toe solid black shoes (preferably without laces) will work fine, and like with the shirts and pants, look for something that doesn’t have a logo on it. Even if you won’t look like a bona fide ninja, you’ll look like an idiot if you show up in Adidas shoes.
  4. Accessories. If you want to add little touches of flair to your ninja suit, you can wrap a black martial arts belt (or just a plain old sash or scarf) around your waist, or get some fake throwing daggers off of the internet. If you’re going to some kind of party or social gathering, sneak around the place, so you look kind of like you fit into your chosen role.
  5. Last resort. If all else fails, just go online and look for ninja costumes. These will be more expensive, but if the aforementioned lesson is proving to be too complicated, you can always just bite the bullet (or katana) and buy something that’s already prepared.
  6. Don’t believe it. If you’re going for something even vaguely resembling a ninja, don’t dress like a Naruto character. You will not look like a compelling ninja if you’re wearing bright orange, bright red, or khaki shorts.
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