How To Make No Sew Fleece Pillow

Once you learn how to make no sew fleece pillows, you'll want make them for every room in your house. These pillows can be large or small, print or solid color, they're only limited by your imagination. The no sew fleece pillows take no special skills to make and will match nicely with no sew fleece blankets or any blanket with matching colors.

To make a no sew fleece pillow you will need:

  • An 18 inch pillow form
  • 2 pieces of 24 x 24 inch polar fleece
  • Masking tape
  • Straight or safety pins
  • Scissors
  • 3 x 3 inch square cardboard
  • Ruler 
  1. Place wrong sides of fleece, for the no sew pillows, together. Measure five inches from each edge and pin the material together using straight pins or safety pins.
  2. Use masking tape as a cutting guide. Place a line of tape on all four sides, four inches from the edge of the fleece pillow. Cut out a three by three inch square from each corner using the cardboard template.
  3. Measure the fringe one inch wide by three inches deep. Cut fringe on all four sides of the no sew pillow and through both of the thicknesses at the same time. The fringe doesn't have to be perfect.
  4. Use over hand knots to tie the no sew fleece pillow together. Tie knots only on three sides, leaving the remaining side open.
  5. Place the pillow form in the fleece cover. Continue knotting the last side closed. Remove the tape and pins, when you're finished.

Tips: Use single weight fleece for the best results. Try two different colors of fleece to match your favorite sports team. This is an easy project for kids, ages 6 and up, with parental supervision.

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