How To Make Normal Jeans Into Skinny Jeans

Need to know how to make normal jeans into skinny jeans? Everyone has at least one pair of jeans in his closet, and maybe more than one, since jeans have been the most wearable clothing around since they were invented. But skinny jeans made a huge comeback not only in women's fashion, but men's too. If you have a full closet of old, normal jeans that have not seen the light of day for months, it may be a good idea to make those normal jeans into skinny jeans and save money while you update your sense of fashion.

To make normal jeans into skinny jeans, you will need:

  • A needle and thread
  • Safety pins
  • Normal jeans
  1. Get the right tools to transform your normal jeans. Making normal jeans into skinny jeans may sound difficult, but it is really rather simple. All you need is a needle, thread of a similar color to the stitches in the jeans and safety pins or regular pins.
  2. Turn your jeans inside out. To create the perfect skinny jeans look, start by turning the jeans inside out, then try them on. Sit down on the floor with each leg stretched out and hold out the area with your hands where you want to cut. It is the upper leg area to the ankles that you should mark with a straight line where you want to cut.
  3. Use safety pins. After carefully marking your jeans, place safety pins into the jeans to secure them. Make sure the pins do not easily come off. Another option is to use regular pins for a more straight and even look, but be careful that you do not stab yourself with the pins. With this method, it is best to take off the jeans and pin them down along the marked areas.
  4. Start sewing. Sew the inside of your jeans closely along the pins; after sewing the jeans, try them on to make sure they conform to your taste. If your jeans are too loose or tight, then go over the stitched area until you have a perfect fit. Sew two more times, so the stitches are secured and the skinny jeans will not rip apart. After you are done, cut off the fabric you do not need then try on your new skinny pair of jeans!

It is also possible to outline your old pair of normal jeans with an existing pair of skinny jeans if you already own one. This is a great method as you have an idea of what your new jeans will look like. When sewing your own skinny jeans, it helps to use jeans with a little stretch to them.

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