How To Make An Olympic Super Curl Bar

If you want to learn how tomake an Olympic super curl bar, you might want to find a less expensive exercise routine than weight lifting.  Even though the bars are not cheap to make, they are relatively simple to make. Complicated tools are not even required for the process. 

Things you will need to make an Olympic super curl bar:


  • A drill
  • Metal pins
  • Weights
  • A metal curl bar weighing about 44 pounds
  • Two round spacers
  1. Buy the metal curl bar.  The bar does not have to be metal, but metal is the most durable type of equipment for this purpose. Weigh the bar if you are unsure that it is at least 44 pounds.
  2. Write down your plans. Hide them so that your children, wife and competitors won’t see your Olympic super curl bars. This piece of equipment requires space on the end to hold the weights. A person can add grips around the handle area if he ones. Several inches should be left for the weights and some areas to secure them.
  3. Measure the width of your weights. Mark the area where the weighs will stand. Start by drilling holes about one-sixteenth of an inch outside of the width of the barbell weights. Drill several more holes using the same strategy. Leave some space at the end for the bar for the final pins.
  4. Put spacers on the inside of the weight space. These need to fit snugly. If you can weld them on, it will provide more security.
  5. Shape the Pins so they keep the weights from falling off. The pins are not designed to hold the weights. The pins simply must prevent a slide. Shape the pins so they can go in and hold the weight, but not so that they are difficult to use.
  6. Put the weights on the bar and the pin. Start with the small weights first. Lift it up and have someone spot you. If the weights stay in place, you are done. The most common problems will be weights that slide too much or the spacers not being on the curl bar tight enough.
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