How To Make A One Night Stand Date

If you want to have a lot of fun with someone but don't want to be tied down, then you need to learn how to make a one night stand date. Knowing exactly how to have a one night stand date is a great way to have some fun while putting a few notches on your bed post. While you're not going anywhere extremely serious with this lady, it's important to still treat her as you would any of your good friends, unless you want to risk not being able to go through with your one night stand date. One of the most important things to remember is to always, always think before you do anything.

  1. Make sure you both are looking for the same thing. This is probably the most important step in learning how to make a one night stand. You could be very well looking for something casual, but what are you going to do when she starts saying that she loves you, or that she wants you to meet her parents? Of course, the situation could very well be reversed—our point being, it's your responsibility to get your head in the game and make certain that this casual encounter is going to be casual on both of your terms.
  2. Check any and all emotional baggage at the door. One of the biggest ways you can jeopardize the success of your one night stand date is to constantly moan about your ex who dumped you three nights before your anniversary. Or worse yet, loudly proclaim all of the women you bedded before coming to meet your current partner for the evening. Given the casual nature of your arrangement, you don't want to bring out any unnecessary emotions that will leave either of you feeling anything less than happy to be there. Don't talk about your past women, and if she starts to bring up any past flings of her own, either try to steer the conversation in another direction, or get yourself out of there! 
  3. Keep it fun and lighthearted. Casual sex is, well, casual. You're not doing this because you love each other, and you're certainly not going to be dating after the night is said and done, so why not enjoy yourselves? One night stand dates are meant to be enjoyed, so don't stress out over every single detail and don't give her a hard time if she, say, has personality quirks that grind your gears. If you're lucky, you'll probably never see her again once the sun comes up anyway.
  4. Get out of there the next day! As much fun as you both had the previous night, remember that you had a one night stand—in other words, one night and that's it. Don't make plans for breakfast, lunch or even brunch. Granted, if you both feel that way for each other, then by all means go for it. However, if you both know that there's no relationship that will ever blossom out of this, then don't try to force anything. Get out of bed, use her bathroom, put your jacket back on, give her a quick kiss goodbye, and get on your way back home.

Learning how to have a one night stand date is one of the best things that a modern man can do. It's one thing to have a romantic candle-lit dinner with wine followed by passionate love-making. However, it's also refreshing to have some fun and casual sex with someone you know well enough to not get too attached to. Having a one night stand date is perfect for the guy who doesn't want to get tied down or the man who just got out of a long-term relationship—it's the most casual way you can get to know someone on a completely intimate level.

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