How To Make Oral Sex Better

Figuring out how to make oral sex better for your partner can seem confusing. The trick is to find out what she likes and also try out different things. Once you understand what your partner finds pleasurable, you can use that knowledge to make oral sex a whole lot better.

  1. Communicate. Talk to your partner about what type of stimulation she likes. She may prefer you to stimulate the outer edge of her vaginal canal. Direct clitoral contact might feel the best, or licking and sucking all around her clitoris could be more enjoyable.
  2. Encourage your partner to masturbate. If your partner isn’t sure what she likes, encourage her to experiment with herself. What feels good during masturbation, such as a back and forth motion across the clitoris or small circular motions around it, is likely to also feel good during oral sex.
  3. Experiment. Try different techniques together. If your partner enjoys clitoral stimulation and uses up and down motions to masturbate, try circular motions with your hardened tongue during oral sex. The change of pace might give a more intense orgasm. Pay close attention to her verbal and nonverbal cues while experimenting.
  4. Use the clitoris. Even if your partner doesn’t enjoy direct clitoral contact, you can still stimulate the clitoris, licking the areas all around it. Your partner may also enjoy long, soft strokes over her clitoris with your tongue, rather than pinpointed contact with a hardened tongue. Be careful not to stimulate the clitoris directly for too long. Too much direct contact without a small break can cause the area to become numb.
  5. Vary your motions. Once you get her going, switch it up. Variety will arouse her and add to her stimulation. Change the direction of your tongue, as well as its softness level. You can also add variety by incorporating your fingers to make the oral sex better. Some women enjoy light vaginal penetration with your fingers as you lick around her clitoris, for example.
  6. Start slow and end big. Better oral sex will start out with slow movements and light contact. The more you tease her, the better the oral sex will be. Don’t touch the clitoris right away. Lick and massage all around it before you touch it directly. Once you do, move to a different area for a few seconds right after. When you go back, the feeling will be even more intense for your partner. When she’s nearing climax, lick the clitoris with a fast, darting motion. Continue darting your tongue across or up and down until your partner climaxes.

Following these techniques for better oral sex will leave your partner more satisfied and give her a longer, more intense orgasm.

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