How To Make An Orange Smoothie With Real Oranges

Learning how to make an orange smoothie with real oranges is as simple as putting a few ingredients together. The great thing about smoothies is they can be easily modified to fit the taste of the person they are being made for. One of the benefits of learning how to make an orange smoothie with real oranges is that you can have all the health benefits of real oranges while enjoying a cool and satisfying drink.

Ingredients you'll need:

  • Half cup yogurt with active yeast cultures
  • One cup ice
  • Two oranges
  • Half cup any type of fruit juice (preferably all natural)
  • Blender
  • Spoon
  • Large glass
  1. Prepare the oranges. The oranges will need to be peeled, taken apart and assessed for juiciness. If the oranges are extremely juicy, you may be able to omit some of the fruit juice from the recipe. If you prefer not to omit the juice, you may want to add more ice for texture.
  2. Add ingredients to blender. Try adding the ice first, followed by the yogurt, then the oranges. You're going to blend a bit before adding the juice so that you can evaluate how much juice is needed.
  3. Mix ingredients in the blender. As you learn how to make an orange smoothie with real oranges, you will be able to more accurately assess how you want to modify the ingredients for taste and texture. For now, put the blender on the "Blend" setting. Observe how the ingredients come together.
  4. Add juice and ice as needed. If you find that in the process of making an orange smoothie with real oranges you have made too thick or too thin of an orange smoothie, you can easily fix this by adjusting the ingredients. To make an orange smoothie that is extremely thick, eliminate or decrease the amount of juice used and/or add ice. To make an orange smoothie that is thinner and easy to drink through a straw, add more juice.



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