How To Make An Orgasm Shooter

If you know how to make an orgasm shooter, it can prevent some confusion at your next party. Asking for this risqué named shooter is part of the fun. The drink is easy to make, and the ingredients are common ones to most bars. So go ahead and encourage your guest to have an orgasm shooter, maybe after their sex on the beach.

To achieve an orgasm shooter you’ll need:

  • Shot glass
  • Mixing tin or cocktail shaker
  • Ice
  • Amaretto liqueur
  • Coffee liqueur
  • Irish Cream liqueur
  1. Fill you mixing tin with ice. You need to make the shooter cold before serving. Chilling the liquors beforehand will help prevent diluting the flavors with ice.
  2. Pour over the ice one-third ounce each of the amaretto liqueur, the coffee liqueur and the Irish cream liqueur. If you are making more than one at a time, simply use a one-to-one proportion for all three liqueurs.
  3. Cover the cocktail shaker or mixing tin and shake well. This blends and cools off the liquors. You want to make sure that all the ingredients mix completely.
  4. Strain the orgasm shooter into the shot glass. Use the strainer on your cocktail shaker, or simply hold back the ice with a spoon. There are also specifically designed cocktail strainers that you can find anywhere that sells barware.

When you are making shooters, the quality of liquor you use is important to the taste. There are no mixers to dilute or mask tastes. So for the best orgasm shooter, use liqueurs that you would drink without a mixer. Make that a screaming orgasm by adding vodka, still using the one-to-one proportions.

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