How To Make An Orient Express Cocktail

Want to know how to make an Orient Express cocktail? The Orient Express cocktail is one of those cocktails that has about a dozen different recipes depending on where you look. There is a vodka based recipe, a lychee based recipes, and others. For the purposes of this article, one of the most common recipes is used.

To make an Orient Express cocktail you will need:

  • ¾ oz Ginger liqueur
  • One tsp sugar
  • Espresso
  • Irish coffee glass
  1. Gather the ingredients: To make an Orient Express cocktail, you will need ginger liqueur, sugar, and espresso. Good ginger liqueur is hard to find, two of the best brands are Canton Ginger Liqueur or GE Massenez Crème de Gingebre. It’s also noted that a ginger infused brandy or vodka can be excellent substitutes. The brand of espresso isn’t specified in most recipes so use which ever you prefer.
  2. Find the proper glass: Befitting an Orient Express cocktail made with coffee, this drink is served in an Irish coffee glass. Of course you can change it, this isn’t a drink that’s meant to be served in a cocktail glass.
  3. Mix: Making an Orient Express cocktail is simple. Make the espresso, however you prefer with whatever brand you prefer. Then once the espresso is ready fill the Irish coffee glass with the ginger liqueur and the sugar, then pour the espresso and fill the rest of the glass. Once you’re satisfied with the amount of espresso, the last step is to stir the mix until you’re happy with it.
  4.  Drink: Get a good book and relax in a comfortable chair. This is the perfect drink for a cold winter day.  
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