How To Make An Origami Horse

You can learn how to make an Origami horse with a few simple folds. The horse you make can be flipped by its tail to make it somersault back over and land on its feet. With practice, you can have a whole corral of these Origami horses.

To make an Origami horse, you will need:

  • 1 sheet of origami paper
  • scissors
  1. Place colored side down.
  2. Fold it in half with the crease facing you.
  3. Unfold it.
  4. Fold the paper the other way, making a crease. Now your Origami horse will have four folds.
  5. Unfold it.
  6. Turn it over so the color side is facing you.
  7. Fold the corner at the bottom right toward you to the top left away from you. Make a crease
  8. Do the same as above, but with the other corners. make a crease.
  9. Pinch the pieces of your Origami horse creases and fold them into a square.
  10. With the two bottom edges of the square facing you, fold them up to the middle of the square. Just the top parts of the paper, not the whole thing. You should still see the underneath paper.
  11. Fold the top corner, all of it, over to meet the point of the folds you just made in the last step or your Origami horse. The top should be flat.
  12. Unfold these last few folds.
  13. With your scissors, cut up the middle between where you folded the two sides and up to the fold of the top flap.
  14. On the right flaps, lift up one from the other and bend it out and fold flat.
  15. Do the same with the other side.
  16. Flip your Origami horse over.
  17. Repeat steps 10-13.
  18. Unfold the colored sides you just cut so that they line up with the other flaps.
  19. On both sides, lift up the top flaps and fold them up.
  20. Turn the Origami horse over.
  21. Repeat steps 18 and 19 on this side.
  22. Turn the Origami horse around so that the points face you.
  23. For the horse's tail, reach into the triangle you made and fold it down.
  24. For the horse's head, reach into the other triangle you made and fold it down, making sure the head is a little further up from the tail.
  25. You can flick it under the tail to make it jump.
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