How To Make A Ouija Board

Séances are very cool, but learning how to make your own Ouija board to contact them is even cooler. Ouija boards are used to contact the spirits and have “conversations” with them through the letters and symbols on the Ouija board. You can also buy Ouija boards, but many find that the results with the purchased ones are the same or worse than the ones you make yourself.

You will need:

  • A 13” by 20” by 1" thick board
  • Some paint in the color of your choice
  1. The first step to making your own Oija board is to locate a board.
  2. Once you have a decent sized board squared away, take the paint and write the letters of the alphabet on it. It is best to write out A-M on one line and N-Z on a second line. Make sure the letters are large enough to be seen clearly, even when standing. You can also arrange the letters in a semi-circle with A starting out on the lower left side and Z ending on the lower right side.
  3. Some symbols will need to be drawn onto the Ouija board with the paint. It is best to include Yes and No on the Ouija board, as well as Goodbye. Once you have added those, you can add anything else that you feel is pertinent. Some will personalize the Ouija board for the séance depending on whose spirit he or she wishes to contact.
  4. After you have all of the letters and symbols needed on the homemade Ouija board, you can use it. For a pointer, you can use one of those rounded concave magnifying glasses, or about anything of your choosing.
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