How To Make Out In Bed

If you're not well versed in making out at all, you may want to learn about how to make out in bed so you have a starting point. It's not hard to make out in bed, but it can be awkward or intimidating if you're not familiar with doing it. Here are some tips on helping you learn about how to make out in bed.

  1. Set the mood. Have the bedroom clean for starters. Then if you're planning to make out in bed you may want to have soft music playing in the background.
  2. Light it up. Good lighting with ambiance such as candles or low lights can enhance the mood. If you don't have candles, a night light or even a small lamp that is partially covered can give the right amount of glow. As a last case scenario, you can always turn off all of the lights and then leave a door ajar.
  3. Start out slow. There is no need to rush into making out. Start with something slow like dancing or even good-natured wrestling. Make it fun and easy without making it feel like you or your partner is under pressure to perform in any way.
  4. Kiss. Kisses are one of the best ways to get your make out session started. Start with small kisses and move on to heavier kisses when you feel that you both are ready.
  5. Move on. After you've starting kissing each other you can move on to heavier stuff such as feeling each other up. If she is ready for it, you can move on to stroking her breasts or between her legs. The best rule of thumb is to pay attention to what she is doing as well. If she is touching you, it's probably a good bet that you can touch her while making out in bed. If she's shy, just use your own judgment on how fast to move things along.

These guidelines should be helpful in letting you learn about how to make out in bed. They aren't a laundry list to check off but some guidelines that may be helpful if you're not sure what to do. Most importantly, just enjoy yourself and make it fun.

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