How To Make Out For The First Time

Learn how to make out for the first time to avoid being nervous. Making out for the first time is scarier then starting junior high. Kissing comes naturally when there is a strong attraction between two people. However, you may be thinking there are so many things that can go wrong and if they do will you be branded a bad kisser for life! Will all those sessions of making out with your pillow and practicing in the mirror finally pay off? Well, it won’t be as frighteng as you think as long as you follow these tips.

What you will need:

  • Breath mints
  • Quiet spot

  • Willing partner
  1. Don’t rush the moment. Making out is like a fine wine. You know you want to taste it but once you open it you savior that moment before you start to drink it. Making out for the first time is special. You almost want that special moment to be plan, so you and she will never for the first time.
  2. Show affection. When you are leading up to making out with your girl, show a lot of affection. Get her in the right mood to receive a kiss from you. Hold hands, caress her shoulders and whisper in her ear. If you take too long, she might plant one on you first.

  3. Make sure you are on the same page. You know there is nothing worse than being rejected by someone you wanted to make out with; because you got your signals cross. You have to know how to read body language and know she wants to make out with you as much as you want to make out with her.
  4. Pull her in close to you. The moment has finally arrived where you get to make out for the first time. You are gazing into her eyes ready to make your move, but “STOP” did you do the breath test to make sure it is minty fresh? You could be the world’s greatest kisser, but if your breath is tart she will definitely be ready to part.

  5. Give gentle kisses. Don’t rush in trying to put your tongue down her throat. Instead, give her two sweet kisses on the lips, then pull back briefly to look at her. If she’s looking like she enjoyed the appetizers, but now she’s ready for the man course; let the make out session begin.
  6. Tilt your head to one side and begin kissing. Partly open your mouth and gently press your lips against hers and slowly begin kissing her. If she seems to be really into it, add the tip of your tongue into the mix and see if she seems receptive to it. Because everyone doesn’t like tongue kissing, you might want to continue to make out, but she may be ready to put you out. If she is enjoying it, add a little more tongue, the pace should pick up as things get heated up.

You have just survived making out for the first time. You probably were nervous for nothing. It has been said that kissing comes naturally as long as you are make out with someone you have a deep attraction for and fresh breath.

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